Ghibli & Wirbel, the new brand that brings together the two Italian leaders in the professional cleaning, introduces itself to the public being confident of its past history of success and aiming at investing in the future. Many were the steps and commitment taken to reach success.
In 2005, with Riello Investimenti taking over 58% of shares of Ghibli S.p.A., 100% of the brand Wirbel is acquired, the latter being another leading brand in the professional cleaning sector, allowing Ghibli in 2006 to enter the single-disc machines market.

In the same years Ghibli launches its first professional scrubber-dryers range, technologically advanced machines, essential for all professionals in the cleaning sector. The plan to put together Ghibli well known experience in the production of vacuum cleaners and Wirbel expertise in treating surfaces with single-disc machines goes beyond the most common industrial project.
Ghibli and Wirbel boast a history, that reaches back in the past years up to our present days introducing themselves to the market side by side and sticking to the Italian manufacturing traditional values, passion for work and for the renowned “Made in Italy”.

All that is not just a novelty or a change of image, but a serious commitment to cope with today market challenges. Being competitive and the always growing requirements from the cleaning professionals boost our will to grow and become a point of reference to all cleaning professionals.

Ghibli & Wirbel is certified ISO 9001:2008 by IQNET and CSQ.

machines manufactured
since 2005 to 2015



Safety, performance and reliability.


Power Line

For Ghibli & Wirbel, “Power” is not just about strength, but also reliability and ability to work in order to obtain the best results. Today we are proud to present a new “team” of vacuum cleaners with the well known high standard quality, but completely renewed in the name of excellence. With a consolidated design, Power Line range ensure ease of use even if the “core” of this new range are the latest generation engines, the best in terms of safety, performance and reliability.


The core of Power Line range are Dry (Power D) and Wet & Dry models (Power WD). Several different versions for performance, size (from 12 to 80 liters), equipment, but all characterized by strength, efficiency and reliability. Damp or dry dirt, water or slime, there are no limits for Power D and Power WD vacuum cleaners. Equipped with one or two motors, with maximum power from 850 W to 2500 W, able to carry out any task in contract cleaning, workshop and industry. Heavy-duty, efficient, with professional filtering system designed to tackle every kind of daily job.

Power Tool

The Power Tool range is a wide and various selection of wet and dry vacuum cleaners models specifically designed for use in conjunction with electric or pneumatic tools, in order to optimize the work of installers, craftsmen, manufacturers.

Available in different sizes (from 22 to 50 liters), equipped with one or two motors with maximum power from 1250 W to 1450 W, manual or automatic ON/OFF (controlled by the tool).


Smart and easy to use.


Power Extra

The new range of spray-extraction cleaners POWER EXTRA is the ideal solution for cleaning all types of textiles, carpets, etc. On top of the best selling POWER EXTRA 7 – compact and able to clean all types of textiles – our range offers the new POWER EXTRA 11, 21 and 31 models, featuring high technical quality and ease of use (thanks to the vertical double-tank system and the smart solution filling port).

Each of the three models is available in two versions: one has been conceived for the Automotive sector, the second one ideal for any another cleaning task. Vacuuming, washing and drying any type of textile surface (with no interruption) has never been so easy!

Environmentally friendly.

Power Steam

Using steam for cleaning operations is a simple, inexpensive, hygienic and environmentally friendly system. The high temperature allows to remove all kinds of dirt along with sanitation of surfaces. That’s why the steam cleaning system is suitable for a wide range of applications, extraordinary cleaning (such as industrial sector) but also for the ordinary cleaning operations.

So Ghibli & Wirbel’s steam generators are the right answer to the sanification (bacteria and fungi elimination from all types of surface and fabric, through the use of high temperature steam) and sanitizing demand.

Four models, based on the innovative e and powerful Ghibli & Wirbel vacuum range, equipped with high-performance boilers (3.7 l capacity, high resistance power and up to 6 bar pressure of work). Start-and-go machines, quick and easy to use, to ensure the best cleaning performance and a safe and comfortable use without using detergents in full respect of the environments.


Where no one arrives!



A wide range of walk behind scrubber dryers, five models (Rolly, FR 15, FR 30, Round 45 and S2) specifically studied to clean every type of environment: from small areas to large commercial ones.

Ghibli & Wirbel’s scrubber dryers are able to clean difficult, narrow or crowded areas, unsurpassable for manoeuvrability and easy to transport.

The brandnew ultra compact Rolly represents the latest and best answer to the professional cleaning demand. Innovative and functional design, combined with the most innovative technical feautures, makes Ghibli & Wirbel’s scrubber dryers the perfect solution for any cleaning task.


Large areas require reliable machines equipped with innovative technical features, to ensure hight quality of cleaning operations at competitive conditions.

Ghibli & Wirbel’s ride on scrubber dryers, Rider and Runner, are characterized by stunning features that ensure maximum reliability and efficiency in any environment and condition. The high quality of components, and the combination of intuitive controls and exceptional manoeuvrability, help to manage any type of work with top productivity and running time.




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