Ghibli & Wirbel, the new brand that brings together the two Italian leaders in the professional cleaning, introduces itself to the public being confident of its past history of success and aiming at investing in the future. Many were the steps and commitment taken to reach success.
In 2005, with Riello Investimenti taking over 58% of shares of Ghibli S.p.A., 100% of the brand Wirbel is acquired, the latter being another leading brand in the professional cleaning sector, allowing Ghibli in 2006 to enter the single-disc machines market.

In the same years Ghibli launches its first professional scrubber-dryers range, technologically advanced machines, essential for all professionals in the cleaning sector. The plan to put together Ghibli well known experience in the production of vacuum cleaners and Wirbel expertise in treating surfaces with single-disc machines goes beyond the most common industrial project.
Ghibli and Wirbel boast a history, that reaches back in the past years up to our present days introducing themselves to the market side by side and sticking to the Italian manufacturing traditional values, passion for work and for the renowned “Made in Italy”.

All that is not just a novelty or a change of image, but a serious commitment to cope with today market challenges. Being competitive and the always growing requirements from the cleaning professionals boost our will to grow and become a point of reference to all cleaning professionals.

machines manufactured
since 2005 to 2015



Where no one arrives!


Scrubber dryer

Rolly is a brand new ultra-compact scrubber dryer made by Ghibli & Wirbel.
It is a result of experience of our engineers and product experts.
Rolly is the right answer to the professional cleaning demand.
A unique mix of distinctive solutions – compact dimensions, a special unlockable handle and combined brush head/squeegee system (both patented) and the last generation lithium batteries- makes Rolly the ideal solution for small or crowded cleaning areas.

Safety, performance and reliability.

Vacuum cleaner


The core of Power Line range are Wet & Dry models (Power WD). Several versions equipped with one or two motors, able to ensure the best cleaning performance.

Today we are proud to present a new “team” of vacuum cleaners with the well known high standard quality, but completely renewed in the name of excellence. With a consolidated design, Power Line range ensure ease of use even if the “core” of this new range are the latest generation engines, the best in terms of safety, performance and reliability.


Rider means convenience.


Scrubber dryer

Rider 65 means the right mix of compactness, armony of shapes and ergonomics.
A modern, high impact design… giving to Rider 65 the right personality and appeal… taking care of the comfort too.
Every detail has been studied to guarantee the perfect ergonomics and ease of use:

  • easy access from both sides to the machine;
  • comfortable seat, it perfectly hosts the operator. Right distance
    from the steering wheel, to work in comfort even for a long time;
  • control panel: intuitive, and convenient;
  • great sight line, clear view.

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