RIDER R 65 FD 80

Cod: 10.0804.00

RIDER R 65 FD 80


Rider R 65 is the new compact ride on scrubber dryer in Ghibli & Wirbel’s range. 65 liters of tank capacity together with high productivity (4000 m²/h) and running time, guarantees the perfect solution in any kind of environment. Every details has been studied to guarantee the perfect ergonomics and ease of use. The main distinctive feature is the incredible manoeuvrability; cleaning closed to wall in small areas and making the impossible U-Turn operation (only 115 cm), makes Rider the perfect choice for those who work in the most narrow and congested areas. The machine is suitable also for day cleaning in sensitive areas like hospitals and schools, thanks to the low noise level. The FD 80 version, with front traction, is equipped with the innovative brush head system: really wide scrubbing width (800 mm), four brushes surrounding the driving wheel, with an excellent down pressure for the best floor coverage and cleaning results, even in small spaces or congested areas. Rider compact squeegee (850 mm) naturally adapt itself to every movem ts of the machine. The results are excellent drying performance on every kind of surface even in sharps curves and during the impossible U - turn operation. The BC version is equipped with external battery charger and battery set (105 Ah).

RIDER R 65 FD 80

Technical data


  • Cleaning widthmm800
  • Squeegee widthmm850
  • Productivity (theor./practical)m²/h4000 - 2400
  • Power supplyBattery 24 V
  • Installed powerW2050
  • Advancementwith traction


  • Diameter - Pad x Nomm - inch x nr 205 - 8" x 4
  • Motor rating x NoW x nr200 x 4
  • Motor speedrpm210
  • Down pressure - Contact pressureKg - g /cm²35/25,4


  • Motor ratingW700
  • Driving speedKm/h5
  • Hill climbing ability%5


  • Motor ratingW550
  • Vacuummbar/mmH2O1791
  • Air flow ratel/s30
  • Noise leveldB(A)64


  • TypeDouble tank
  • Cleaning solution tankl65
  • Recovery tankl65
  • Weight (empty/with batteries)Kg163/243
  • Dimensionsmm1150x780x1425


RIDER R 65 FD 80

Standard accessories

  • 4905-0038-0POLYPROPYLENE BRUSH 8" Ø 0,6
  • 2705-0019-1FRONT RUBBER BLADE EPDM 850 MM
  • 2705-0020-3REAR RUBBER BLADE 850 MM

Optional accessories

  • 4915-0012-0PAD DRIVER 8"
  • 4905-0042-0TYNEX BRUSH 8"