Ethical code

Our ethical principles

1) Respect

Respect must be understood as transparency, sincerity and understanding towards the people who work with us. The moments of criticism should always be constructive and lead to improvements: a specific action or behaviour is targeted and not the person responsible for it. Approval must be public while criticism must always be carried out in private. The same respect we have towards people must also be held towards the workplace and corporate assets, because they are the tools we need for our success. They must always be kept efficient, clean and tidy.

2) Involvement

Involving and engaging people means listening to them without preconceptions, understanding their expectations and their needs. Do not ever consider a person only for what he/she is, but also for what he/she could become. Inform everybody about our goals and achievements. Sharing the ideas of today, even the simplest ones, could turn into a great success tomorrow. Always provide a strong motivation to the people who work with us. The company belongs to all of us: we always use "we", we never use "I". We should be proud of being part of a large organization.

3) Being concrete and taking initiative

We care about practical things, we are determined, we look at facts, we try to plan ahead as much as possible in order to avoid any problems and delays. We act. We always check the costs and benefits of the ideas that we conceive and of the projects we develop. We strive to give order and continuity to our work. In our company there is only room for people who are dynamic and full of initiative. Vitality and energy are the keys to the good functioning of our company. Do not ever make excuses for not doing the work you have to carry out. Set a good example for others to follow. Dynamism is contagious: we must always be an example for all.

4) Responsibility and delegation

Being aware of having to account for our own actions and those of others, solving problems without passing this burden on others. If the responsibility you have translates into discomfort, it means you do not possess the necessary knowledge to carry it out: do not get discouraged nor reject the responsibility you have, but just go and acquire the necessary expertise needed to shoulder it. With the growth of our company, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to delegate responsibility and to encourage people to take their own initiative. To do this you need a large dose of tolerance: the people to whom we delegate authority and responsibility, if they are valid, carry out their work in their own way. We let people make mistakes if we want them to grow: the important thing is not to persevere in them.

5) Humility and desire to learn

Never take anything for granted or already known. Never manifest any kind of presumption, be able to recognize your own limits. You have to make the most of every experience and to always put yourself into question. Making our knowledge available to others and helping others also helps ourselves. Always try to get the best information from the contacts with outsiders. Conserve and grow curiosity. We let people grow. Training is an investment in the most important resource we have: ourselves.

6) Teamwork

Feeling part of a team and not being individual players is important. It's the team that wins, not the individual. Let us never forget that our work always affects each one of our colleagues. The team must meet regularly to solve problems and set goals. The team is a group in which the roles are well defined and in which there is a director / coach who is responsible for the organization of the team itself. In the eyes of the customer it is the company that works well or badly, not the individual.

Managing personnel and social and environmental policies

1) Equal opportunities and working environment

Our company is committed to maintaining a working environment free from discrimination, harassment included, which is based on gender, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, disability status, union membership or political affiliation, ensuring that the criteria used in recruitment, access to training and career progression are exclusively related to work performance and merit. Our company is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, to being an organization which supports solidarity and responsibility towards the environment, which complies with all the applicable laws and regulations concerning the environment, health and safety. We must strive to constantly reduce the consumption of energy and water, to use less paper and less fuel, to reduce noise in all its forms, to limit the production of waste as much as possible and to manage contaminated products in the most appropriate manner.

2) Protection of work

Our company undertakes not to engage staff who work against their will or who are not free to terminate the employment relationship, not to engage in child labor (children under the age of 16 years), not to employ young workers (children under the age of 18 years) in unhealthy or dangerous situations, or during school hours. Our company bans any behaviour of verbal, physical or psychological violence to any individual inside or outside the company. On this basis, we choose to work only with service providers, production mechanisms or materials that do not go against these principles.

3) Common rules

Our company does not endorse any political party or sports club and does not tolerate proclamations and events aimed at any stance. Our company does not tolerate the display of posters and / or calendars whose content is sexual or otherwise vulgar. Our company adheres to the standards for the protection of the health of workers. We do not tolerate the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

4) Freelancers

Sales agents, consultants, representatives, independent contractors, temporary external workers and suppliers are required to respect the same standards of conduct for employees in our company when they conduct business with us or on our behalf. No employee, both internal and external, is authorized indirectly, through agents, to disregard the company policy.

5) Charity and sponsorship

All the charitable activities of our company will be in favour of children and / or research organizations for the common good.

External relations

1) Customer relations

Fair play in trading is a key factor for the maintenance and development of relations with our customers. It is very important that we work only by means of promises which we are able to keep. The customer is at the center of our attention and we constantly listen to their needs. It is up to the personal relationship to add value to the business relations. Visiting our customers often is an element which strengthens our mutual relations and trust. Let us always remember that it is the customer who pays for our salary.

2) Relations with suppliers

It is very important that we engage in research and in-depth visits before engaging with suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, craftsmen or external service providers. Our products and processes depend largely on the quality and processes of our suppliers. Price is not the only discriminant feature and in many cases it is not even the most important one.

3) Information

Any communication of confidential information regarding strategic plans, sales prices, financial information, product designs, information related to negotiations, agreements or business relations between our company and others, financial information about the employees relating to strategic plans, sales prices, financial information about the employee, software, trade secrets , patents, trademarks and similar information from customers or suppliers to any person or organization directly or indirectly, as well as the use of information of a confidential or other commercial interests without the prior written consent of the company, as well as the use of information of a confidential or other commercial interests is strictly forbidden . Our company regards its enterprise computing resources as strategic. Our policy aims at protecting our enterprise information resources by implementing security controls to prevent the disclosure, unauthorized modification or destruction of information which is not accessible to the public, the disruption of processing systems which provide information to end users and the theft of the resources of our company. All our employees are required to ensure that the use of our resources, including the Internet, e-mail and other online resources, and the use of hardware and software as well are in line with the objectives of our business. Our company is committed to respecting the privacy rights of customers and employees. It is each employee’s responsibility to respect the privacy of customers and colleagues.

4) Fraud, theft, gifts, money offers and conflicts of interest

Our work activities must reflect the values of honesty, loyalty, reliability, fairness, solidarity with others and a sense of responsibility. Any act involving theft, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of any property is strictly prohibited. Doing the right thing also means making business decisions with honesty and integrity, based on objective factors such as costs, quality, value, service and ability to accomplish the commitments set out by the company. Therefore, our employees cannot accept or offer gifts, money, favors, courtesy or entertainment acts and favours except in cases where they are of a nominal value and are customary in the circumstances of the deal. All employees must refrain from any action or relation which may conflict or appear to be in conflict with the interests of our company. Conflicts of interest arise when an employee uses their position for personal gain or if the employee's personal interests conflict with the interests of the company.