Designed by Ghibli & Wirbel, Green Pro is a complete range of machines with recycled plastic, capable of meeting all the needs of the most demanding professionals in the field.

The recycled polymer used in the production of the Green Pro range is derived from plastic wastes, post-consumer waste (bottles, extensible films, motor vehicle scraps, bottles and other containers) and post-industrial waste (from plastic processing plants) that are meticulously checked and certified.

The main goal was to keep the quality of the products unaltered, and for this very reason, all the parts made from recycled plastic were subjected to the same stringent stress tests as traditional plastic materials. The amount of recycled plastic used in the production of these machines exceeds 25% and, for some components, even reaches the 100%.

A broad and diversified range of machines that demonstrates the company’s focus on the needs of its customers.


Sturdy, efficient and eco-friendly family of Dry and Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners that keeps its legendary reliability intact. Thanks to an innovative molding process, the addition of recycled plastic in no way compromises material properties or component quality.


Two single-disc models declined in an environmentally sustainable and green way without sacrificing their signature strength, ergonomics and safety. A selection designed to meet all the needs of industry specialists, thanks to an agile and versatile single disc and a professional ultra-high-speed machine for polishing that, in virtue of the perfect combination of weight, speed and motor power, is able to adapt to any cleaning task.


A wide and complete range of the latest generation walk-behind and ride-on scrubber dryers. Seven models of machines dedicated to cleaning all types of areas, from the smallest ones to large gathering spaces, designed under the banner of sustainability and able to meet all the needs of the most demanding professionals.