Ghibli & Wirbel increases its offer of professional cleaning products and introduces a new product family: sweeper machines.

HS Series

Two walk behind models, HS M 80 and HS MT 80, and a ride-on one, HS R 110, that are extremely handy, reliable and sturdy in order to match every different need of cleaning professionals.
HS M 80 is the small manual sweeper, equipped with the innovative DUAL SWEEPING MODE (DSM) system, ideal for cleaning areas up to 1000 m², such as driveways, gardens, sports facilities and common areas of apartment building.
HS MT 80 is the practical and sturdy walk behind sweeper ideal for cleaning medium and small areas. This machine, thanks to its large cleaning width and its productivity of 3120 m²/h, guarantees excellent sweeping performance.
HS R 110, with its high productivity (6050 m²/h) and its large cleaning width, is the compact ride-on sweeper ideal for cleaning medium and small areas, even those with narrow passages.
Ghibli & Wirbel’s range of sweepers is perfect to reach top cleaning performance working with minimum efforts and in a comfortable and safe way.

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