About us

Ghibli & Wirbel, the brand which brings together the two Italian leaders in the professional cleaning sector, introduces itself to the public being confident in its past history of success and aiming at investing in the future. Many were the steps and commitments taken to reach success.

In 2005, when Riello Investimenti took over 58% of the shares of Ghibli S.p.A., 100% of the brand Wirbel was also acquired, the latter being another leading brand in the professional cleaning sector. As a result, this allowed Ghibli to enter the single-disc machines market in 2006.

Over the same period, Ghibli launched its first professional scrubber-dryers range: the new addition included technologically advanced machines which turned out to play an essential role for all professionals in the cleaning sector. The plan to put together Ghibli’s well-known experience in the production of vacuum cleaners and Wirbel’s expertise in treating surfaces with single-disc machines goes well beyond the most common industrial projects.

Ghibli and Wirbel boast a history which reaches back to the past and goes up to our present days, entering the cleaning market side by side and sticking to the traditional values of Italian manufacturing, which encompass passion for work and for the renowned “Made in Italy”. Such a turning point is not just a novelty or a mere change of image, but a serious commitment to cope with today’s market challenges.

Being competitive and willing to satisfy the increasingly growing requirements from the cleaning professionals strengthens our determination to grow and become a point of reference for all cleaning professionals.


Transferring people’s expertise into our products. Working honestly and acting seriously with clients and suppliers. Creating value for shareholders, clients and employees. Coping with and responding to the increasingly growing market requirements. Becoming a point of reference for all professionals in the cleaning sector.


Ensuring the best quality-price ratio by means of a continuous industrial research and the constant optimization of the production systems.