HS M 80

Cod: 10.8000.00

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HS M 80


HS M 80 is the small manual sweeper ideal for cleaning areas up to 1000 m² with a cleaning width of 800 mm. Perfect sweeping performance assured by the two lateral brushes, adjustable in height to better adapt to any type of surface, which sweep waste from corners and edges in front of the cylindrical main brushes.
The innovative DUAL SWEEPING MODE (DSM) system guarantees the complete filling of the dirt collector. The combined movement of the two cylindrical brushes, which rotate in the opposite direction, overturns and transports the waste to the dirt collector by ensuring a more effective filling.
The HS M 80 has higher productivity than the classic sweeping systems, characterized by a single cylindrical brush, and is able to collect not only small waste such as paper, metal shavings and leaves, but other more bulky, such as beverage tins and plastic cups. The large wheels, mounted at the back of the machine, guarantee excellent manoeuvrability during cleaning operations and enable HS M 80 to climb steps. HS M 80 is the ideal choice for cleaning driveways, gardens, sports facilities and common areas of apartment building. After having finished using it, HS M 80 can be easily stored anywhere thanks to its compact dimensions.

HS M 80

Technical data


  • Two side brushes cleaning widthmm800
  • Productivity (theor./practical)m²/h2800 - 1680
  • AdvancementManual
  • Waste container: position - emptying - capacityRear - Manual - 40 l
  • WeightKg14
  • Dimensionsmm800x660x330

HS M 80

Standard accessories

  • 40.0250.00Main brush (x2)
  • 40.0251.00Right/left side brush

Optional accessories

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