SB 133

Cod: 00-1921BLGH

SB 133


A compact model for applications requiring a superior professional equipment, being at the same time light and easy to handle. Suitable for almost all cleaning duties: deep cleaning, stripping, spray cleaning, polishing and shampooing. Very strong induction motor, for long lifetime and great performances. Double protection against unintentional start. Satellite and planetary gearbox for high power transmission, long lifetime and low Noise level. Coupling for both pad holder and brush. Handle of last generation, result of a perfect synthesis among great sturdiness, ergonomics, safety and innovative design.

SB 133

Technical data


  • Working width - Ø brushmm330
  • Brush speedrpm190
  • VoltageV220 - 240
  • FrequencyHz50
  • Brush motor ratingW550
  • Brush contact pressureg/cm²36,7
  • Under-ride heightmm260
  • Dust pick-up attachmentno
  • Transmissionplanetary gear box
  • Power supply cablem12
  • Weight (without accessories)Kg22
  • Dimensionsmm1120x420x340
  • Noise leveldbA<54


SB 133

Standard accessories

Optional accessories

  • 00-230TANK 9 L
  • 00-231PAD HOLDER 13"
  • 00-232SCRUBBING BRUSH MM 0,6 - 13"
  • 00-233POLISHING BRUSH 13"
  • 00-234CARPET BRUSH 13"
  • 00-238SANDING PAD HOLDER 13"