POWER InDust 60 TP M

Aspiratori industriali solidi trifase

Cod: 12158800011

POWER InDust 60 TP M


The POWER InDust 60 TP M/H vacuum cleaner features an electronically
balanced, side channel turbine with the fan directly mounted
on the crankshaft. The absence of transmission devices makes the
suction unit not only silent and powerful, but it also allows continuous
use (h 24) without any need for regular maintenance. The magneto-
thermal motor protector, allows the turbine to operate properly in
any condition. The vacuum gauge, thanks to a constant monitoring
of the air depression level, is able to detect the level of clogging of
filters or of other parts of the suction system. A large surface area
(2 m2) and high filtration capacity pocket filter allows the dust to be
retained while, at the same time, ensuring an excellent air quality
output. In addition to that, the practical, manual filter shaker ensures
an extremely long filter life, avoiding clogs, saturation and the reduction
of the filtering capacity. The quick-release recovery container and
the sturdy tray equipped with non-marking wheels make the vacuum
cleaner extremely easy to use. POWER InDust 60 TP M/H is available
in three phases version and M or H class certified versions.

POWER InDust 60 TP M

Technical data


  • Rated power (nominal power)W2200
  • Useful capacityl60
  • Tipo di filtroPolyester star filter M
  • Filtering surface2
  • Classe di filtrazioneM
  • Airflow ratingl/s92
  • Vacuummbar180
  • Weight (without accessories)Kg80
  • Dimensionsmm700x730x1700

POWER InDust 60 TP M

Standard accessories

  • 3001234FILTRO POL.C D.500X400 14T

Optional accessories

  • 01-510FLEXIBLE HOSE 3 M
  • 6010052ADJUSTABLE DRY BRUSH 0,40 M
  • 6010062ADJUSTABLE DRY BRUSH 0,50 M
  • 2511720ROUND BRUSH
  • 2511730CREVICE TOOL
  • 2501315RIDUTTORE 80/50 ZINCATA
  • 6010711FLEXIBLE HOSE 3 M