Moscow Russia

111524, Г. Москва, улица
Электродная, д.11, стр. 18
Phone: +7 (499) 5030706

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OOO Ghibli Russia, Ghibli & Wirbel’s crown jewel, represents, since 2013, a fundamental point of reference for Russian market.
The mission of this sales branch, based in Moscow, has been increasing the presence of G&W products within the professional cleaning market in Russia, thanks to the high quality support provided to its distribution network.

Ghibli Russia offers important services such as the capable customer care and the professional technical assistance. Moreover, this branch office ensures, thanks to its wide warehouse, fast, efficient and cheap shipments of products, accessories and spare parts within the whole Federation.

Also, Ghibli Russia manages and coordinates its own distribution network, based in the entire Russian territory, ensures and organizes technical and commercial trainings, both at headquarter and on the territory.

Ghibli Russia has always taken part to the professional cleaning appointments, thanks to its presence to fairs and regional events.