O 143 S 10

Cod: 00-105EL-GH

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O 143 S 10


O 143 S 10 is Ghibli & Wirbel’s lighter orbital single-disc machine. Extremely practical (only 43 kg of weight), it is suitable for all the more common everyday cleaning operations: washing, stripping, spray cleaning, polishing and shampooing. O 143 S 10 is also ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as fitted carpets and carpets. Lower water and detergent consumption! Higher savings and productivity thanks to the roto-orbital movement that allows to keep the cleaning solution under the pad holder. The oscillating head adapts to all surfaces and allows the operator to work nimbly even on irregular floors reducing his/her efforts. The available accessories and the big wheels, which touch the ground, make the various tasks simple and effective. By exploiting the roto-orbital principle with high-frequency oscillations, O 143 comes as a surprise for its low vibrations, stability and manoeuvrability. Its handle, combined with its stiff and compact frame, its big wheels and its reduced weight make this a resistant but, at the same time, easy to use and carry orbital single-disc machine.

O 143 S 10

Technical data


  • Working width - Ø brushmm430
  • Oscillations per minuten.1500
  • VoltageV220 - 240
  • FrequencyHz50
  • Brush motor ratingW1000
  • Brush contact pressureg/cm²25,6
  • Under-ride heightmm270
  • Dust pick-up attachmentyes
  • Noise leveldbA<54
  • Transmissiondirect
  • IP codeIPX4
  • Power supply cablem12
  • Weight (without accessories)Kg43,2
  • Dimensionsmm1200x730x450

O 143 S 10

Standard accessories

  • 00-268PAD HOLDER 17"

Optional accessories

  • 00-296SCRUBBING BRUSH 17" MM 0,6
  • 00-330TANK ERGOLINE 12 L
  • 00-345EL-GHSPRAY SYSTEM O 143 S 10 G&W

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